Revealing the Benefits Of Reading


Why Every Person Who Wants to Succeed Should Read This Book

There are few habits as powerful as the habit of reading. When
you start reading, you open yourself up for discoveries and possibilities you may not get in any other way in your life.
Many of the outstanding personalities of our world today can
trace their greatness to an idea or some ideas that ‘possessed’ them and
many trace those ideas back to a book they read.
Reading is one of the habits that can garner other ideas that can turn
someone from a mediocre to a global impact.
Nebuchadnezzar’s qualities for the young Jewish exiles to serve in his palace
caught my attention; I guess it may be an eye opener to you too.
“Pick strong, healthy, good-looking lads,” he said; “those who have read
widely in many fields, are well informed, alert and sensible, and have
enough poise to look good around the palace.” Dan 1:3 TLB
Does that pass any message across to you?
Choosing people for positions of influence and responsibility in a society
where excellence is celebrated has never been on terms of man-know-man,
it has been on the basis of knowledge. More than a thousand years before
Christ, Nebuchadnezzar’s qualities he was looking for were: those who have
read widely in many fields, are well informed. Do you think our society
should look for something less in this competitive information age? I don’t
think so.



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